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Built for Safety Professionals

Safety professionals want remote, hand held video collaboration, today so they can scale learned safety knowledge asynchronously across the operational teams they are charged with protecting from harm. Everyone wants a mobile strategy that will make operational teams safer by enabling them to operate with a high level of situational awareness and technical expertise required to keep them safe during daily, non-repetitive, cognitive operations.

SafetySpectrum for iOS and the Web immediately gives safety professionals the ability to securely map videos of visible and hidden hazards. SafetySpectrum was designed and built to use the combination of cloud and mobile devices to unlock the power of location based safety. Now safety professionals can protect a workforce more efficiently, remotely and at scale.

SafetySpectrum is mobile and SafetySpectrum is wearable. SafetySpectrum also runs on Apple TV in stunning 4K to move an organization's ever evolving safety and technical knowledge, upward from the field to the big screen. From the control room to the conference room, safety professionals can use SafetySpectrum for Apple TV to enhance the situational awareness of the entire organization.

Map Visible & Hidden Hazards

Hidden hazards pose the greatest threat to those with even the most experience and wisdom. To protect themselves from these traps and "land mines", top performers maintain their situational awareness (SA) by using powerful information tools.

SafetySpectrum's In The Vicinity is one of those tools. Safety professionals can quickly make videos of local hazards, which SafetySpectrum then uses to build a map of the hazards.  Now safety professionals can remotely help a workforce to hold more informed pre-job briefings to maintain awareness. Operations teams that encounter new risks can upload a post-job video briefing to update the technical knowledge needed to work safely when in the vicinity of these mapped visible and hidden hazards.

Start Mapping Hazards

Can You Protect Them When Your Not There?

SafetySpectrum's location based safety enables Safety Professionals to remotely protect a workforce by mapping videos of visible and hidden hazards. SafetySpectrum also maps video journals of safe work practices and technical knowledge required to safety perform critical tasks. This mapped safety knowledge helps operations teams stay aware of and manage risk 24/7 even when safety professionals and subject matter experts are not always there.

Asset –– [risk] –– Hazard

SafetySpectrum enables safety professionals to work at scale by crowdsourcing evolving safety knowledge as it is discovered by the workforce. Every craftsman from top performers to newly hired apprentices can quickly use SafetySpectrum to map videos of visible and hidden hazards. Field safety coaches can now transfer their newly learned, perishable safety knowledge as a normal part of their day to day work flow without having to write anything down. Using SafetySpectrum enables everyone in an organization to visually learn from one another. A learning organization that learns from both its successes and its failures is the core of meaningful safety.

Why is this important? Because no one of us is as smart as all of us. No one of us is safer than all of us. There is safety in knowledge. To create safety an organization must constantly refine and communicate its safety and technical expertise in an atmosphere of trust.

SafetySpectrum's location based safety enables everyone in an organization to map safety knowledge that is important to them. This crowdsourced, engagement motivates everyone in an organization to become a stronger part of the shared level of safety across the organization as a whole from the CEO to the last apprentice hired.

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